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Commercial Flight Information:
Please plan on arriving in Harlingen, Texas on your day of arrival between 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  You should make your commercial flight departure on your day of departure between 1:00 – 2:00 pm.  The van will leave the lodge to take you back to Harlingen at 7:00 am.  It is approximately a 4 hour drive.  It is important to schedule your commercial travel around our recommended times as we are having to coordinate many groups coming and going and we do not want you to have to sit at the airport too long.  Special arrangements due to late arrivals and departures may incur an additional charge.  Southwest Airlines and Continental Airlines fly into Harlingen

Van Transportation:
Upon your arrival at the airport, go to the Baggage Claim area.  Our ground transportation personnel will meet you there. 

The driver can stop before crossing the border if you want to eat lunch or you can pick up some sandwiches at or near the airport.  There will be beer and soft drinks in the van for your trip.  Also, there will be a rest stop approximately half-way.   The total trip will take approximately four hours.  You will arrive at the lodge in time to relax, prepare for the next day of hunting and fishing and eat dinner.


1.         Tips to the fishing guides are $15.00 per person per day.  This tip should be paid directly to the guide at the end of the day.  If you catch what you consider a trophy fish, you may want to tip the guide extra (customary tips for a fish over 10 lbs. is $100).

2.         Housestaff – The minimum tip to the housestaff is $50.00 per fisherman.  This is for our 2 or 3 day fishing trip.  If you fish additional days, you need to tip $10-$15 per fisherman extra per day.  This tip should be given directly to the lodge manager at the end of the trip and he will distribute the tips to the staff accordingly.

3.         Recommended tip to the van driver is $5.00 per fisherman each way and should be given to the van driver on each trip as you may have a different driver each trip.

Proof of Citizenship:

Don't forget your proper ID.  EFFECTIVE DECEMBER, 2006, if you are flying out of Mexico to the U.S. you MUST have a U.S. PASSPORT.  EFFECTIVE DECEMBER, 2007, if you are driving out of Mexico to the U.S. you MUST have a U.S. PASSPORT.

Recommended Tackle if you are Fishing:

Lizards             6” Zoom Lizards in watermelon, watermelon/red flake, red shad, pumpkin

seed colors on Texas Rig or Carolina Rig.

Super Flukes    Watermelon and watermelon/red flake

Rat-L-Traps     1/2 oz. - 1 oz.  Chrome or Chrome/Blue, Red,  and Fire Tiger are the best colors

Worms             7.5" and 10", red shad, blue flake, blank and blue, watermelon, pumpkin seed

colors on Texas rig and Carolina Rig..

Spinner Baits    1/2, 3/4 oz. and 1 oz., white, yellow, green

Deep Divers     DB3, Mann's 22+, Fat Free Shads, Wiggle Warts

Topwater         Spook, Devil's Horse, Buzz Baits, Slugo's, Soft Jerk Baits

Please note that most of your fish will be in heavy cover, so bring heavy line.  We recommend at least 20 lb. test.  25 lb. P-Line is a good line for this lake.  We practice catch and release for the most part, but if you have to take a lunker home, we will prepare it for travel.

We recommend that you call the week of your trip to see what the “hot” lures are at that time.  We also have a small tackle shop at the lodge.

Phone Service:
International phone calls from the cell phone are extremely expensive.  Telephone service is available, but at a rate of $5.00 US per minute.  Please pay the Management immediately after each call.  Some US cell phones work in Mexico while others do not.  We recommend you contact your cell service provider to determine if your phone will work in Mexico. 

What to Bring Checklist: 

______ Slacks/Jeans (the dress is very casual and comfortable)
______ Shorts
______ Cap
______ Sunscreen
______ Rain Gear
______ Jacket/wind breaker depending on the time of year you are fishing
______ Camera
______ Bathing Suit
______ Rods/Reels
______ Tackle
______ Proof of Citizenship (Passport, Birth Certificate or Voter’s Registration)
______ Small bills for tipping


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