Due to the inquiries we have received regarding personal security while crossing the Mexican border we want you to be aware of the actual facts:

Border disturbances have always existed notably around Laredo and El Paso with the difference that only recently has it received media coverage.

More recently there was a disturbance in the McAllen / Reynosa area which lasted one day and involved Mexican rival bands. The disturbance did not involve nor was it directed at tourists.

Hacienda Las Palmas does not cross into Mexico at any of the above entries mentioned above although we do not consider that there is a danger or threat to tourists crossing into Reynosa. The crossing point we use is at an area far from urban centers where no disturbances have ever been reported.

The presence of military outposts that you may encounter on your way to the lodge are set up by the Mexican government to deter the trafficking of arms and drugs. The military personnel have always been courteous to our guests and tourists in general.

If you still feel uneasy about traveling by road to the lodge you have the option to take Amigos charter which lands at Hacienda Las Palmas air strip.  The cost of this flight is not included in our rates.

Finally, although there is no way to guarantee a 100% safe trip we do assure you that if we had a doubt about your safety we would be the first ones to deter you from traveling to the lodge.

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